Compassionate and Professional
Adoption Services Include:

Grandparent/Relative Adoptions
The Law Office of Katy Bost is effective in finalizing the formal adoption of grandchildren and other relatives by obtaining consents from the natural parents or initiating termination of parental rights in cases of abandonment.
Stepparent Adoptions
When a stepparent chooses to adopt his/her spouse’s child, our office works toward the stepparent receiving the rights and responsibilities of a natural parent.
Domestic Adoptions/Agency Adoptions
The Law Office of Katy Bost acts as an intermediary (a licensed attorney who intends to place a child for adoption). We have valuable relationships with a network of counselors and other birth parent and adoptive parent resources. In addition, our office handles the legal work for other private adoption agencies in Florida.
Foster Care (DCF) Adoptions
The Law Office of Katy Bost has significant experience working with children and families involved in the dependency system in Florida which allows for valuable adoption consultation in this area.
Interstate Adoptions
When the adoptive parents or the birth mother reside outside of the state of Florida, our office will timely comply with all of the strict requirements of the ICPC (Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children) and strive for a smooth transition from state to state.
Identified Adoptions
When adoptive parents and birth mother have found each other, the Law Office of Katy Bost assists with the adoption plan, birth mother expenses, referrals for counseling and post placement services and handles all of the legal paperwork and court appearances up until finalization of the adoption.
International Adoption Finalizations
Adoptions from some countries (Korea, India, Thailand) must be finalized through your state court system following the child’s arrival to the United States. All children are granted US citizenship after their adoptions are final.
Recognition of Foreign Adoptions/”Readoptions”
If your child’s adoption was legalized overseas (China, Guatemala, Russia, Vietnam and Ukraine), we encourage you to legalize the adoption in your state of residence. This gives you and your child the added protection of US law. Readoption is the process by which a state court reviews and recognizes the foreign adoption decree